Spiritual connection | Anjani gufa

Hospet Dam view

On the banks of river Tungabhadra is located a temple on the hill top called “Anjani Gufa”.Located at a place called kishkinda, at Hospet district of Karnataka. I Heard a lot from people and their beliefs on this place. I finally decided to visit this place with my family. Kishkinda is also near to Hampi a “UNESCO world heritage” site.

Travelling and climbing

It was bright Tuesday morning and we left from home early, to fix a 120kms distance to Anjani gufa. We stopped on the way for breakfast and found few south indian restaurants to have our first meal of the day.From there it hardly took an hour for us to reach the place. We finally arrived at the destination and we found to see hundreds of parallel stairs to climb the hill top,yet sunny and contended but I was peaceful inside as it was for something a higher power.

Anjani gufa
Way to Anjani gufa

As we started to climb,the way was clean. But uh-uh monkeys are always going to find you either to accompany or snatch the bag of snacks you carry.my dad offered a fruit and it just fell down. For which monkey jumped over to catch it and took support of my mom’s saree’s corner. I could see she was lot more frightened. I became more cautious then, we took few breaks in between and then we finally reached our destination.

Anjani gufa
View from Anjani hill

Anjani gufa – History and Importance 

The view was spectacular, with the flowing narrow river stream, coconut farms etc. Soon we had to hurry up inside the temple for prayer time, the story about this place as per locals is, lord hanuman’s mother called “Anjani” had given birth to hanuman at a place called Kishkinda. And anjani gufa was her place for meditation for approx. 7000 years of practice.Here monkeys are known as mortal forms of gods.This place is considered with Genesis faith and devotion as per the history we came to know.

Temple of godess anjani

After sincere prayers as we came out, there was prasad offered by local saints to devotees as kitchdi!.The sun was up at noon and kitchdi gave much relief from empty stomach starvs! For those who climbed fasting.The crowd was decent and I found many youths taking their selfies.We were told by locals that there are many near by places to visit. There are places like maha lakshmi mandir, shabri aashrama. We then decided to go shabri aashrama from here. I knew It’s not too far from here.

once we reached the aashrama,it was very quiet,peaceful and a feeling of tranquility experienced by me.A small cave where shabri(a character from ancient book of Hindu mythology RAMAYANA) used to dwell was the importance of this place,we saw decent old Temple, surrounded by mango trees, a huge constructed temple pond, and a small natural pond.And as I said earlier monkeys are not going to leave you, so hello again to new friends!.It was lunch time and we unpacked our lunch,had it under the mango tree. A stone platform was built for people to sit and relax under this shady tree.After lunch we all just took time to relax for while.

Shabri aashrama

Evening at Dam:

After this we left to hospet’s Tungabhadra Dam and Garden 85kms away.we made it on time to watch sun set.we were offered to view the Dam from light house’s hill.It was evening time and wind was super awesome, anybody can sign a blank cheque with that weather and wind! Trust me.

Hospet Dam view

After taking pictures and selfies, we explored the mini zoo and garden, the garden was of similar layout as that of Mysore’s KRS fantasy park.Added on there was musical dancing fountains and Aquariums too.With a perfect picnic plan,beautiful places with mild views.As making a deeper spiritual connection,we all left with memories and a day to be never forgotten.



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