A small town that invites tourists and travelers to immerse in unique offbeat experiences. Keep it simple or glam up and get set to travel to this small town.

Puducherry – a beautiful, quaint place known to provide offbeat experiences, is away from the hustle and bustle of big cities. Yet connected to Chennai and Bengaluru with its proximity in distance.

You will witness glimpses of France in every place that you set your foot in. Be it the elegant French architecture,the road signs in French (along with English and Tamil). Not just that, lot of people speak fluent French. Also,most restaurants and cafes serve French cuisine. And you could even choose to stay in a restored French home as well!

Find new depths in this goosebumps inducing city as new surprises waits at every road that you take a turn into. Map out the place further to discover the many layers it has. Also dive straight into the captivating streets which have unique characters.

Get amazed by the interior architecture of various quarters – a dual combination of Indian tradition with European loftiness. Admire the extremely beautiful door or window. And pass by the ancient names assigned to the streets in the white town. I bet you cannot just stop yourself from photographing those offbeat moments you engage yourself in.

This city is where you can really be carefree, wear what you want to, roam where you want to. Engage in the path of tracing our ancient roots in this mini France in the corner of India. It can be best explored on foot as there is no danger of getting lost. All streets are interlinked and the locals here never hesitate to guide the tourists.

This town will make you believe in fantasies and love stories again. It will take you to the era of romance and elegance. Imagine two soul mates who find each other in the quiet streets. They get acquainted in the course of a meal during the noon, celebrate their togetherness by taking a stroll by the sea side. And they live happily together ever after.

Puducherry is beautifully defined by its slogan ‘ Give time a break’ as it will make you lose all track of your time. And  has the power to fill your head with ideas. It will drive your mind in a free flowing stream of thoughts. So take a fun guided walking or cycling heritage tour around the French and Tamil quarters . Explore the nuts and bolts of the town, zoom in the lesser known places which are the actual hidden treasure here.


If you are looking for a peaceful, calm trip where you get to merge with history, architecture and nature. Or you are in the mood for some adventure and thrill, Puducherry has it all. A complete package with varied options to serve and satisfy all your expectations .

Steal enough time from your busy schedule. Encounter with your newer self as you  figure out the unique elements of this beautiful city.

redefine your statement of simple yet sophisticated by being desi in videsi style.

So when are you booking your tickets? 😉


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