Munnar is known for its tea-carpeted hills and the chilly, misty climate, which drives people from all over the world to visit it. The National parks, dams, lakes and tea factories are the most commonly visited areas here. They become a part of every other itinerary that you would come across for Munnar.

However, beyond the regular sight – seeing places, Munnar offers some of the best off- beat adventures one can undertake. These give you the best experience of the rich flora and fauna that the place is blessed with. Here are some of the best among such trek and camping adventure.

  1. Jungle Survival Camp:

Munnar Trekking and CampingMunnar camping

A camp set in the middle of the Shola forests (tropical evergreen forests, typical of high altitude areas of the Western Ghats). The stay here enables you to see some of the best views of the hills and valley in Munnar, of which you get a night and morning view. It is a 1 night and 2 days camping program. You get to stay in tents, which makes it a unique experience, different from that of hotels. Campfire to warm you against the chill, along with the starry-sky view becomes a pleasant way to forget the daily chores of life.

Dinner, breakfast, sleeping bags and guides are provided to make your stay comfortable, so that you can make the best out of your time here.

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2. Top Valley Trek:

Trekking MunnarMunnar Trekking

One of the best treks in Munnar, through the Shola forests up to the summit that gives a 360 view of the landscape. You can find tea plantations on one side, valley on one and forests on the other, giving you different breathtaking views. The trek starts from Yellapetty (tea plantation village), giving you an idea of the workers’ lives and their farms, leading to the forest. The 3-4 hrs trek ends with the tea plantations, hence, giving you a taste of different terrains in a single trek.

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3. Meesapulimalai Camp and Trek:

 Meesapulimalai Camp and Trek  Meesapulimalai Camp and Trek

The 2nd highest peak of South India, Meesapulimala (2637 meters MSL) stands out as one of the favorites among trekkers in Kerala. It drives the name from the grass that grows here, which resembles the tiger’s (puli) moustache (meesha). The trek begins from the base camp (optional) and goes through the eucalyptus plantations, pine forests and finally the vast grassland that covers around eight hills until you reach the summit. The trek offers you amazing views throughout the route and a spectacular view of the lowlands of Tamil Nadu, Anayirangal Dam, etc from the summit. The hill is known for being veiled by the misty cover, which adds to the natural wonders and views it offers.

Camping is optional for those who want to stay and start for the trek from the base camp instead of the town. Dinner, breakfast, lunch is provided along with jeep service to the base camp.

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4. Kolukkumalai Jeep Tour:

 Kolukkumalai Jeep Tour  Kolukkumalai Jeep Tour Munnar

The visit to the world’s highest organic tea farm via off-road jeep ride becomes one of the best programs in Munnar. You get to experience the beauty of the tea plantations like never before. It is an exclusive program which ends with the visit to the orthodox tea factory set by the British in 1930s. You get to see the production as well, which is a great learning experience. The tea grown here is the best of its kind due to the high altitude. The view of the plantations on the way is enchanting while the ride becomes adventurous. You can also see the low lying villages of Tamil Nadu, which is scenic delight. Camping facilities are also available for those who want to stay and experience a sunrise trek as well. The camp is set in the middle of the tea plantation.

Book Here: Kolukkumalai Jeep Tour, Munnar

5. Chokaramudi Trek:

Chokaramudi Trek Munnar Chokaramudi Trek

A trek known for its adventurous climb over the magnificent rocky slopes makes it a unique experience. Chokaramudi hill near Gap Road, Munnar, offers you some of the best visual delights also. With tea plantations on one side, grasslands and Sholas on the other and the rocky hill under your feet, the trek gives a satisfaction to nature and adventure lovers. It stands as one of the best off-beat treks in Munnar.

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