10 Reasons That’ll Force You To Visit Goa In Monsoons!


Goa is on the bucket list of every Indian. It is considered as the coolest destination to make perfect teenage memories, accomplish “Dil Chahta Hai” friendship goals and walk bare feet with your special one. But have you ever considered visiting Goa in the monsoons?

While most of the tourists avoid Goa in the rains, nature lovers pack their bags to visit the land. This is probably because a lot of us are unaware of the beauty it offers during the monsoons. But well, they say it’s never too late. So here’s a virtual trip with 10 reasons that’ll force you to fix your dates already!

1. Fly Cheap
June onwards, Airfares to Goa are really, really cheap! You can reach here by paying almost half the fare than you pay during the peak season. And, for people who love road trips, the weather is pleasant, cool, breezy and mesmerising. Don’t forget to maintain the speed limit though.

2. Cheap Stay
Goa offers accommodation rates for as low as INR 500 per night even at a decent hotel. The rates fall flat 50% or even lesser. Finding a good hotel next to the beach for a cheap price wouldn’t be a trouble. So, hunting a good hotel, advance bookings…nothing needed at all!

3. Stay at Terra Rose Villa, Chapora Island
Talking about accommodation, this 150 years old Portuguese style villa lets you indulge in some colonial extravagance. The villa is set amongst the cornucopia of abundant trees, lush garden and is a beautiful, culturally rich property.The private property also has a fancy pool and is just a 20-minute drive from Panjim City. The beauty, greenery of nature during monsoons makes this experience all the more fun and worth it.

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4. Feel like a boss!
As I mentioned above, Goa meets very few visitors during the monsoon season. The beaches, the narrow lanes, the bars are all yours! You can sleep, eat, play, dance at the beaches literally all day long without anybody disturbing you.

5. Visit Dudhsagar falls.
Remember the beautiful waterfalls we saw in the movie Chennai Express? That’s the mesmerising Dudhsagar falls. This magnetic tourist spot attracts many domestic and international travelers every year. The site of white water falling from 1017 feet height vertical mountain is simply majestic to watch. The waterfall gives the most splendid view as it takes its purest form during the rainy seasons.

6. Fish Hogging
Yes, please go ahead asking me for a logic here…
Well, I am paying special emphasis to fish eating in this article because though fishes are available in all seasons, they are the freshest catch during monsoons. So, brace yourselves for amazingly yummy and newfangled variety of fishes waiting to be eaten.

7. Heavenly site of the water bodies merging
We all have visited the famous Chapora Fort at least once. But this time, Chapora shall have lots more for you. Every year, in monsoons, Chapora River meets the great Arabian Sea and the two water bodies merge into each other. The view is heavenly and must be experienced by every nature lover

8. Goa beyond beaches
Surely not all of us think of visiting wildlife sanctuaries in Goa. But, why not? Goa has some of the most renowned and huge sanctuaries. Bondla Wildlife, Molem Wildlife, Cotigao Wildlife, Mhadei Wildlife and Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary are a few names to take. The rain drops only add to the beauty of these animal hideouts. The greenery will let you have no regrets for sure.

9. No Queue at the Clubs
There’s no way you go to Goa and miss out on the nightlife. And, the good news is this time, you don’t have to stand in the long queue to enter clubs and bars. Spend hours dancing to the beats and having your own space. Club Cabana and LPK deserve a special mention here.

10. Continue trying your luck at the Casino because it does not rain inside!
Goa is a perfect place for anyone who likes to roll a dice or spin the wheel and has one of the best casinos of the country. You can play games like Black Jack, Rummy, Stud Poker, Baccarat and Flash Roulette. To name a few…Casino Pride, Casino Paradise, Casino Carnival and Deltin Jack are some of the famous casinos in Goa.


Goa is beautiful, diverse and welcoming. Everybody who visits this land comes back with a lifetime of memories to cherish. And during monsoons, it is nothing less. So, if you have your trip planned, have fun and if you haven’t planned one yet, PLAN NOW!

Monsoons in Goa are waiting for you!


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