Parvati Valley: a Hippie’s Paradise


Ever wondered to go to the mountains during killing summer and chill out for a while? Everyone does that right? Be it a person living somewhere on the plan near to the mountains or in the middle of the country, Every single person plan to go somewhere up on the high Himalayan mountains. Unfortunately, not many locations are known for main stream travel, people are trying to explore the unexplored places on the Himalayas but main stream travel is all about top 10 hill stations in India. Aren’t you a part of the same? I guess yes, but there are little havens, very close to popular locations and yet feel away from the world. Here’s a chance for you to know more of such places free from hustling crowds and banal tourist destinations.

Parvati Valley is one such place, Hidden between Kullu and Spiti Valley. Many of you might have heard of Kasol, Right? But what after that? Parvati Valley isn’t all about Kasol. It has many picturesque hamlets covered with thick alpine layers and snow powdered hill tops with breath taking view and old charm of Himalayan people. Here’s the list of such places you can go on your next trip. Starting with Kasol for the ones who don’t know much about the place.

  1. Kasol: the Hub of Rave Parties
View of the Parvati River from the bridge joining old and new kasol

Sometimes all you want is to move away from the city and get yourself indulge in the world of trance and Party with the unknown yet like-minded people or just to sit in beautiful place by the river reading your favorite book and looking at the sun rising and setting from the same place. Kasol is one such place located on the banks of Parvati River, mere 30 km away from the Bhuntar. Rave parties are common which last till late in nights. Loud music and great hookah are the main attraction. Although famous for hippie culture Kasol has everything for nature lover too, sitting by the river enjoying the exhilarating flow and pampering your soul with world-class Israeli cuisine is all one wants to refresh the mundane life. You can stay in one of the hotels located near the river bank but homestays are my personal favorite.

  1. Manikaran Sahib: Sacred Beauty of the Valley
Hot sulfur spring at the Manikaran Sahib

Celebrated for its world famous gurudwara and hot sulfur spring, Manikaran is just 4 km away from Kasol. You can spend one evening there enjoying the sacred environment. It is believed by many that taking bath in the hot water spring & drinking its water is a sure shot way for humans to get an entry in heaven. Don’t forget to take kadha Prashad which is not just testiest of its kind but also full of emotions. To reach there, you can take a bus from Kasol as well as walk to the Manikaran Sahib enjoying every bit of your journey.

  1. Kalga: the Apple Village
View from window of my homestay… cool, isn’t it??

Kalga is not a place for one seeking active holiday instead it is the place for the ones seeking escape from the hectic activities of daily life. Located at 8435 feet above sea level and just 18 km far from Kasol this village is a base of Kheer Ganga trek that is quite famous. The lush greenery is dotted with wooden homes and apple orchards. Few villagers even cultivate Hashish and don’t hesitate to offer it to visitors. Kudos 😉 Time literally stops at this place as it lacks even the routine of Himalayan town, for many of the homes are now abandoned and the ones remaining in good shape are converted into homestays which in turn is the only option for accommodation.

  1. Tosh: the last Hippie Village of the Valley
who does’t want to stay in such epic homes??

Would you believe if I tell you there is a magical place hidden amidst high mountains covered in snow having glorious thick green carpet, cozy wooden houses and swaying hashish fields? Tosh is one such beauty one couldn’t miss to visit. Located at 7800 feet height tosh is truly an offbeat place as it is not connected with other towns by any means. Nearest bus station is Barshani and from there one has to walk further 3 km uphill to reach this splendid hamlet. Waking up to the chirping of birds, standing on the balcony of the little wooden hut while you sip morning cappuccino in this fast moving world is the perfect thing to do, isn’t it?

  1. Malana: the Mysterious Forbidden Village
Folks preparing for the celebration at the middle of the village

Have you ever imagined about the town of which everything is mystery starting from its origin to culture and language to traditions? Malana is the mysterious town situated in the vicinity of Deo Tibba and Chandrakhani peaks at an altitude of 10000 feet. Many shouts after its “Malana Cream” the town is supposed to be the oldest democracy in the world. Tenants of this village are believed to be the decedents of Alexander the Great and belong to the Aryan race moreover they speak their own language not known by any outsider. The malanese locals believe that all outsiders of the village are ‘Untouchable’ and no one is allowed to touch anything. The easiest way to reach Malana from Kasol is by hiring taxi since no public bus ply to the village.


CASH ALERT: carry enough cash with you as only ATM available is in Kasol which runs out of cash many times so be careful and enjoy your off beat vacation to the fullest.



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