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About us

About us

About HT - Vision

HungryTripper is a 2017 founded travel technology platform focussing on elevating

the query to booking experience for a traveller. We enable international and

domestic travel through tailor-made itineraries supported by self-created and

copyrighted visual content and technology, with a target of covering top 50 visited

countries in the world in detail.


Product Offering - Flights, hotels, holiday packages

HungryTripper offers flight bookings and hotel bookings at the most affordable

prices in the market. Along with individual bookings, HungryTripper also specializes

in Holiday packages across all major tourist destinations around the globe. The

focus is on crafting customizable itineraries catering to each individual's needs.


Future projects - Chatbots, customisation

At HungryTripper the focus is always on improving customer experience by enabling

and upgrading technology. One such aspect that we are currently developing on is

the fully automated travel guidance bot, powered by AI and ML, that will guide the

traveller based on their specific interests and choices, each selection may lead to a

different result in terms of choice of hotel, activity, or flight. This is AI-assisted

customization through smart bots, launching in the near future.


Video Content - About how we create content

HungryTripper's prime focus is enhancing the query to booking experience for a

traveller, and in order to achieve this goal, we create video itineraries, that brings in

a visual appeal to the whole booking experience. We have published various videos

on the high selling destinations of Bali and Thailand, wherein, the team personally

travelled to these destinations, drove around to the farthest corners, woke up daily

to shoot the sunrise in a new location, and captured mesmerizing sunsets across

some beautiful coastlines, simply to bring the destination closer to you, the



Wrap Up

If you, the traveller, want an up-close experience even before the trip and need to

speak to actual offbeat and generic destination experts, HungryTripper is your ideal

destination manager. Connect with us for some beautifully crafted itineraries and

Holiday Packages, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.